Jingzhou nickel-iron alloy 1 billion yuan can be put into production

Jingzhou television station reported, as strong waist project jingzhou city since the introduction of the first 1 billion yuan, the Yangtze river, 80000 tons of nickel and iron nickel industry projects, much attention has been paid to the construction progress has been since the last year on April 1, to play down the root pile up to now, has been almost 1 years time. How project progress, jingzhou production when the first piece of nickel and iron can be available?
Diffusion of air in March, it was the season of hope, in the industry along the Yangtze river nickel project site along the river, also is a passionate construction scene everywhere. As a large metallurgical enterprises, fused cast metal ore heat furnace and kiln dedicated workshop is the top priority of the changjiang nickel industry projects, and to undertake this task, is a super general contracting qualification of large state-owned construction enterprise -- China 15th metallurgy construction co., LTD.
Because may flood season approaching, the practices of construction of disposable time only about 40 days. To quickly take the construction period, the nickel industry ten WuYe group company and also took a large-scale production and construction corps combat mode, accumulated human input more than 500 people every day, strive to complete before flood season end underground foundation part of construction.
According to introducing, at present, the Yangtze river project of nickel industry road, pile foundation, the rain water pipe network and construction of deep foundation pit excavation, underground part has invested more than 100 million yuan, and the next step in the reinforced concrete pouring and equipment procurement, the company will also invest 100 million yuan, to ensure smooth implementation trial production at the end of August.
To assist enterprises successfully completed during the year production target, development zone with straight related departments also have done a lot of work, at present, the project specialized 110 kv substation and plant water supply and drainage system has been completed, and the monastery terminal used for the carriage of raw materials has also laid the underwater pile foundation, create conditions for the project is moving forward rapidly.