This year is expected to import 770 million tons of iron ore in our country

Cisa, deputy secretary general, China planning institute director li xinchuang metallurgy industry in 2013 yesterday on BBS engineering machinery products development, according to last year, our country has been over seventy percent dependent on iron ore, Chinese demand for iron ore this year is expected to reach 1.14 billion tons, imported iron ore reached 770 million tons.
Li xinchuang introduction, China's imports of iron ore quantity is rising year by year, from 91.57 million tons in 2001, rose to 2012 tonnes in 744 million, growth in more than seven times, account for more than 70% of domestic demand for iron ore, at the same time, the rights and interests of Chinese enterprises in overseas mines less than 10%, while Rio tinto, BHP billiton and vale mine control about 60% of the global iron ore trade.
"China's iron and steel industry over the past 10 years in the process of rapid development, both macro policy level and micro level of enterprise, are ignoring 'where upstream raw material comes from' attention to the problem." Li xinchuang, said cisa, expects China's iron ore demand will reach 1.14 billion tons this year, imports of iron ore reached 770 million tons.
Although this year's iron ore imports will still rise, but cisa believes will tend to balance supply and demand in the future, will into the downlink channel, ore prices this year as high prices in 2011 and 2012, to support factors exist.